3D Architectural Walkthrough Services
Lets you visualise exterior and interior of the project

The PixelArchPro Services delivers quality 3D Animation Services and Architectural Walkthroughs to clients in Canada and U.S. at cost-effective prices. Our highly competent team of Modelers and Renderers specialises in converting our client’s imaginations and concepts into 3D Renderings and 3D Animations. Our team of innovative Designers as well as Visualisers works on providing your concept a photorealistic look and feel.

3D Animation Services we provide includes:

  • 3D Architectural Animation
  • Architectural Walkthrough(Exterior/Interior)
  • 3D Flythrough
  • Architectural purposes like residential apartments, flats, hotels, resorts etc.
  • Outdoor excursions like playgrounds, sky, environment, lightening etc.
  • Product Animation

Who uses 3D Walkthrough Services ?

3D Animation and Architectural Walkthroughs created by our Designers are used by Architects and Interior Designers for marketing and presentation purposes. 3D Architectural visualization through our Architectural Walkthroughs provides an extensive feel of the building interior and exterior comprising of floorings, colors, wall textures, lighting fixtures etc.
We at PixelArchPro Ltd., have a wonderful team of Creative 3D architectural walkthrough artists mastering the art of architectural visualization. At our company, we have created 3D architectural walkthrough, 3D buildings, 3D cars, 3d landscapes, 3D Fly through, Architectural Illustrations, 3d Urban designs, 3D Floor Plans and animated engineering simulations for many of the leading architects and builders in Canada and U.S.
We can create custom 3D Walkthrough and 3D architectural rendering with high resolution 3d renders that will demonstrate your vision down to every small detail. Our architectural visualization artists have developed 3D Aerial view renderings and 3D Fly through animation for many real estates in Bangalore. We have also developed 3D Fly Through, 3D Bird view, 3d Urban designs, 3D Aerial views, 3D Terrain Visualization, 3D Architectural Renderings, Architectural 3D Modeling,3D Sky view and Photo realistic Rendering of the given architecture plans.

3d rendering and walkthrough process

With an interactive approach in our work, we constantly keep in touch with our client to offer the best of our services. We follow the process as under:

  • We receive the inputs from you either in the form of AutoCAD drawings, scanned hard copies or even hand drawings along with the accurate dimensions, floor plans, elevations, sections, standards and specifications.
  • All inputs received from you are first scrutinized and assessed by our in-house engineers. In case of any discrepancies/ questions, we seek clarification from you so as to avoid unnecessary delay and rework.
  • On the approval of quote, the drawings and documents are allotted to an appropriate Lead Engineer depending on scope of the project.
  • Upon completion of the drawings, minimum two-tier checking system is implemented.
  • We will send you a preview rendering via email for your approval. A draft will be delivered within the time frame that has been specified.
  • You provide notes on changes at this stage we hope for a payment(50% of Quoted amount)
  • After quality check, we give you the final high-resolution outputs by FTP/Mail.
  • After successful submission –Pay us rest of the amount

Our works

New stunning projects for our amazing clients.
Why choose PixelArchPro Design?

Visualization. Photorealism. Day and night view.

Our 3D rendering projects have spanned various industries: architecture real estate, furniture, landscaping. Within 3D architectural rendering, one of our original core specialties, we made resorts, house rendering, interior rendering, design rendering, architectural models, commercial buildings, master plans, and high-rise and low-rise residential projects. In our Visualization Company your project is our project and in the 3d service and we want to give you the Best Render with the Best Definition of Rendering keeping a cheap Rendering cost .

Exterior Rendering
Interior Rendering
Furnishings and Product 3D Modeling
Photomontage as a tool of amalgamating pre-existing sites with 3D model of proposed structure
Walkthrough and Flythrough short animated video clippings that give our customers a feeling of walking inside or flying over the project building

Have your rough drawings transformed into photorealistic visualisation. At PixelArchPro we use high quality softwares and efficient lighting techniques to create renders that are realistic.Great visualisation techniques equals to high quality renders, and we at PixelArchPro Engineering, take utmost care to make our renders as visually appealing as possible.

Our advanced softwares are able to create renders that are so realistic that the viewer will feel like they are looking at the photographs. Quickly and easily create powerful images and animations of your design from the 3D model with Rayvat to more easily communicate your brand essence in your renders.

We give you an option to chose between the day and night view. Now you can view the effect of your lightings during the night and shadow placements during the day. Give your clients a look as to what their dream home will look like 24×7!

3D Rendering by PixelArchPro Brings your project to life!.You can immediately visualize the end product in images that are vibrant and realistic images that bring your vision to life.



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