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Follow this portfolio to design an addition to suit your home and your lifestyle.
Maybe a new family member has arrived. Maybe you're tired of cramming your family into a tiny kitchen, or maybe you are finally building the master suite you've dreamed about for years. Whatever your reason for wanting to add on to your home, you know you need more space. But how do you go about building the much-desired addition?

Is Building a Garage Addition a Smart Investment?

If you already have a home that you love but need some more space, check out these addition plans. We have covered the common types of additions, including garages with apartments, first floor expansions, and second story expansions with new shed dormers. Even if you are just looking for a new porch to add country charm and value to your house, we have that, too! Our additions are detached or made with smaller Cape Cod, bungalow, and Craftsman houses in mind. They also come with different uses—some create new master suites or bedrooms, while others increase living spaces and offer brand new, expanded kitchens. These additions have been made available as generic stock plans, and if they can be adapted to your existing home, they offer a less expensive alternative than having custom plans drawn up.

Building a Garage: What It Takes

When building a garage, the key decisions are size, 1 or 2 cars and extra storage space, and will it be attached to your home? Building a garage that’s not attached to your home (freestanding as shown above) is cheaper because there’s more flexibility in where you place the garage, and you don’t have to worry about tying the new structure to your existing home which requires more design work and more costly construction because buildings are rarely square.

What’s the Value of Building a Garage Addition?

The Cost vs Value report is a great research tool because it tells you the average cost of building a garage addition — nationally, across 9 regions and if you’re lucky, there’s also data for 81 cities. You can look at the report This report can help you set a reasonable budget for your project that will maximize how much you should recoup when you sell your home. … and if you do move forward building a garage, you might want to look for ways to cut costs while achieving your final goal.