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Welcome to PixelArch
What We do | PixelArchPro Architectural Design and Drafting -3d services
What we do

PICSELLARCH is built with a team of experienced professionals in the field of architecture, engineering and creative design.

What is our Mission
What is our Mission

Our work culture is supported by positive attitude, extensive experience and strong core values, which contribute to our strong performance, productivity and retention. We believe in our competencies, and deliver what we promise.

Why our services
Why Picsell Architecture

Timely delivery of projects without exceeding the budgets
Highly flexible approach and on-time communication
Our team members are committed in providing accurate renderings, innovative designs and unrivalled quality to help our clients visualize and articulate their ideas and concepts.

Our portfolio gallery

We breathe life into your project,
no matter where your vision takes you.


The works we’re proud of, and our clients are satisfied with.

Competitive pricing for your projects

Competitive quotes for your architectural, 3D wireframe drafting and 3D solid modeling, landscape architectural, general drafting, CAD standards creation and CAD conversion, HVAC, plumbing, structural detailing, electrical projects

We have a flexible way of billing. We can offer option of choosing between Fixed cost per assignment or Work on an agreed hourly rate for the project.

We will provide the required budget and time frame after reviewing your project details. When you agree to the project estimates and working plan, the project implementation phase will begin. This approach is preferable for medium and large-scale projects where the project timeline and budget are fixed.

Please note that all prices on the site are only indicative.

Clients' testimonials

Building skyscrapers is like building the relationships. Steady exterior construction requires solid and robust foundation.

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Building skyscrapers is like building the relationships. Steady construction requires solid and robust foundation as well as prosperous
relations are built only on faith and mutual respect. We pay attention to all small details for best results.


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