Elevations and Sections are an essential component in CAD Drawings
CAD Drawings of Architectural Elevations and Sections

We have expert architectural CAD drafters who specialize in every respect of architectural 2D drafting and architectural 3D drafting.

Why choose PIXELARCHPRO Design?
• Hundreds of drawings have been completed for builders, surveyors, manufacturers, and engineers.
Honesty, reliability, and strong business relationships.
• There is no need to hire another drafter.
• When you are in a time crunch you are helped to reach project deadlines.
• You get accurate quality drawings at reasonable rates.
• You are assisted in getting caught up with backlogged work.
• Drawn in the USA.

Architectural CAD drawings, architectural CAD design, architectural landscape design, architectural 2D drafting, architectural 3D drafting, architectural 3D rendering and architectural 3D modeling are the main aspects of architectural CAD services.Architectural AutoCAD Drawings such as the floor plans, wall sections, elevations, interiors like door-window details and floor framing plans, foundation plans, elevations, building sections, roof sections, roof framing sections, furniture layouts, ceiling plans, lighting, power and communication parts, etc. are perfectly drawn by our architectural CAD engineers.

Service Process for 2D Drafting
accuracy, cost effectiveness and affordability.

The main steps in the outsourcing process are detailed below:

  1. Project planning: At this phase, you can communicate to us the information about your project, and the type of drawings needed. We will offer you a consultation, naming a project manager to coordinate the entire drawing process. A quote will also be given to you.
  2. Drafting: After knowing all your requirements , we start the actual drawing of all your sketches into effective and accurate CAD drawings.
  3. Reviews: We will keep you involved throughout the whole process of drawing to ensure that the level of detail needed is reached. At this stage any corrections, if needed, can take place.
  4. Delivery: After all the reviews and corrections, we can deliver you the formats required for your drawings, as established in the project planning phase. Several quality control procedures will take place before the final delivery.
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Some of our specialties are:

after comprehending your vision, needs and desires, we start with offering you multiple designs so that you can make the best pick. Our team ensures that we make the advantages of each plan very easy for you to understand

We accommodate with your style and do not stick with a fixed mindset. We’re open to listening to and understanding even the wildest ideas that our clients have. We listen to every minute detail very carefully and try to put it into the real design that we create through top level skills.

Not just the plan, our team goes way beyond that. We also offer supervision of your project as it progresses. Our team is skilled enough to understand the intensive nature of the project at all stages and come up with solutions

Initiative and creativity move the world. They foster the realization of innovative ideas in various industries and contribute to constant development.

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