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2D Drafting and Detailing of Interior and Landscape Designs:

The design and structural engineering of a landscape calls for much aesthetic and creative thinking. The soil, drainage, climate, elevation and other environmental aspects need to be given great attention before a landscape is designed. If you are looking for a reliable, creative and quality service provider for your landscape design and drafting needs, PixelArchPro (PAP) is the right choice for you.

PAP can help you create powerful marketing and sales tools that show your project in its context, with landscape and interior design. The services we offer are: master planning, site planning and design, site analysis and evaluation, project management, cost estimation.

Your concept takes off into the real world with our 2D Drafting of your design. We also convert 2D CAD landscape and interior designs into 3D models and 3D renderings, 3D sectional views and 3D photo-hybrid-fusion of the 3D model with a photograph of the site, from different points of view, to create a virtual panorama.

Landscape Drafting

We provide landscape drafting outsourcing services to Design/Build firms, Landscape designers, Landscape architects and contractors. Full set of plans for installation with full construction details and planting schedules. Our Landscape designer can provide appropriate insight and help in design, not “just drafting”.

Our working process:
Choose Pixel Arch Pro for Site designing

Contact and agree: We have one set priority to understand you and to understand your requirements. In our contact, we pay attention to your thoughts and give preferences to your color schemes, preferred fabrics, etc., and try to create things.

Ideas and concepts: In this process, we begin with the research and try to develop everything as per your expectations. Here, we preview our ideas and discuss them with our valuable clients.

Designs and creations: In second step you approved our ideas and concepts with essential changes. In this step, we make a more informative and detailed presentation of these ideas and designs. We create final design at this point.

Make and establish: Here we execute the complete idea with our team. Here we try to transform everything and turn your imagination in to reality. Here your dreams actually get real face.

Why choose PixelArch Design?

Experience. Commitment. Passion.

PixelArch Engineering offers a range of CAD drafting services right from converting paper drawings or scans to CAD drafts to utilizing them to create complex Walkthroughs, flythroughs and animations. These drafts take much less time in case there is a need to edit the current design or work on the next project keeping the current design as base.

The firm provides high end 3D Architectural Design Services that are created by looking at the best industry standards. The aim here is to offer the best services in a much better turn around time, yet maintaining competitive rates.

Architectural Drafting services:
1. Plans (horizontal views)
2. Elevations (vertical views)
3. Sections (sectional views, wall sections)
4. Large-Scale Views (plans, elevations, stair sections, or sections)
5. Details
6. User Defined ( typical detail sheets)
7. 3D Representations (isometrics, perspectives, photographs)

Your concept takes off into the real world with our 2D Drafting of your design.

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