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PixelArchPro (PAP) is offering Individuals as well as Construction Companies our services and assistance via Internet and telecommuting in design of projects of residential, commercial, industrial facilities, manufacturing, public and religious buildings as well as additions, renovation and remodeling your private houses in ArchiCad 3D, 2D and Autocad 2D, designing , drafting, any designing works in ArchiCad and Autocad.

Our services include Construction and Architectural CAD detailing, drawing and drafting for construction projects:

2D Drafting Services A large number of businesses require simple and cost-effective 2D CAD drafting services to complete small projects, start the ball rolling on larger ones and provide subconsultants, contractors and other project personnel with an accurate representation of the design. Our 2D drafting professionals can provide you with drawings based on your in-house standards in the format you require.

Get the PixelArchPro advantage!

  • Qualified, experienced and dedicated teams of architects with a minimum of 2 to 5 years in developing various types of architectural CAD drawings
  • CAD architectural designs and drafts that are 99% accurate
  • Adherence to Canada & U.S. standards and specifications
  • Extensive experience on working on international assignments
  • Customized services to suit your firm’s requirements
  • Data security, privacy and confidentiality
  • Low cost services with no compromise on quality
  • Completed CAD drawings always delivered ahead of schedule
Pricing on floor plans and rendering
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A single floor plan, crawl space foundation, and 4 elevations for a house up to 2000 square feet can be done for as little as $500-$750. But we can tailor the drawings for how you need them. If you need Electric Plans, Finished Basement Plans, Detail drawings, or Lighting Plans, we can provide them at reasonable costs. You set your budget for drawings and we’ll provide what you need

At PixelArchPro, we charge according to the size of your Project. These prices are ESTIMATES based on our standard rendering process. As each rendering is different a price will always be quoted PER PROJECT, within the price range shown below.

50% of the fee is paid up front; the remaining 50% is paid on completion. We can receive payment either through bank wire, debit/credit card or PayPal.

Getting started is simple; you just need to email us all your materials (CAD files / PDF files, sketch up files, sketches, color samples and your description). Depending on the complexity of the project it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to prepare a price. So depending on our workload that day you could have your price easily within 24 hours, itemized and ready for your perusal. Generally, we’ll have a 3D rendering ready within 2 – 4 working days, and 3D flyovers / walkthroughs within 1-3weeks.

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Some of our specialties are:

After comprehending your vision, needs and desires, we start with offering you multiple designs so that you can make the best pick. Our team ensures that we make the advantages of each plan very easy for you to understand

A design might look wonderful on paper but it might not have what it takes to be technically correct. Even the slightest lapse can cause future problems which might become a headache. We at PixelArchPro, keep your project as top priority and make sure that your project is perfect in every sense. Our technical expertise allows us to plan every detail to give you convenience for years and years to come. Our architects are considered to be the best in the industry because they give your property an everlasting strength, quality and luxury.

We accommodate with your style and do not stick with a fixed mindset. We’re open to listening to and understanding even the wildest ideas that our clients have. We listen to every minute detail very carefully and try to put it into the real design that we create through top level skills. We try our best to create a design that resembles your imagination and still if you need any changes, we are always ready to accommodate..

Even though you know what you want, but quite often you ignore details and possibilities around your idea. We help you create a practical solution out of what you’ve imagined through our constant interactive sessions. Before finalizing and starting to work on your project, our team of architects make sure that every little detail is covered through constant meetings. We believe in having an open and direct communication channel for an overall effective achievement of client goals.

Not just the plan, our team goes way beyond that. We also offer supervision of your project as it progresses. Our team is skilled enough to understand the intensive nature of the project at all stages and come up with solutions that can be practically integrated at every stage. We do not abandon you after the design is ready to be structured. Infact we are there at every stage to ensure that every little detail of your dream project comes true to life.

We have a deep understanding of all the regulations, construction rules, requisites and permissions. When you choose us, you can rest assured that all the compliances, rules and permissions are adequately met through our top services. Our professional team ensures that building your dream project doesn’t have to see the black light of any legal actions at any point of time in present or future.

These services are cost effective solutions as they save on time, money and efforts.
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