3D Interior & Exterior Modeling
he scope of our 3D architectural modeling services:

We are extremely adept in providing 3D architectural exterior modeling services and are also experienced about the presentation part which is very important to show the building design to the end clients.
Following fields use these 3D exterior modeling services the most:

  • Residential Buildings | Commercial Buildings
  • Healthcare Buildings | Buildings in Leisure Industry
  • Restaurants | Clubs, hotels, theme parks
  • Industrial Buildings | Institutional Buildings

Architectural 3D Interior Modeling Services

greater accuracy and speed

3D interior modeling services help you to make your building impressive and effective.
3D modeling specialists do this work with greater accuracy and speed. These 3D interior modeling services help you in developing attractive:

  • Kitchen | Bathroom | Bed Room | Living Room |
  • Furniture | Conference Room | Business Room

Feature of 3D Modeling

Find how we transform your dreams into 3d models

Our 3D modeling services can be beneficial to a wide range of industries part from the civil and architecture related industries like industrial machines and goods manufacturers, product developers etc. A good, detailed 3D model helps the client save a lot of time and effort while construction, keeping this in mind and using our experience, while creating Architectural Modeling services, we take care of even the minutest details and specifications.

Our working process:
Choose Pixel Arch Pro for Site designing

Contact and agree: We have one set priority to understand you and to understand your requirements. In our contact, we pay attention to your thoughts and give preferences to your color schemes, preferred fabrics, etc., and try to create things.

Ideas and concepts: In this process, we begin with the research and try to develop everything as per your expectations. Here, we preview our ideas and discuss them with our valuable clients.

Designs and creations: In second step you approved our ideas and concepts with essential changes. In this step, we make a more informative and detailed presentation of these ideas and designs. We create final design at this point.

Make and establish: Here we execute the complete idea with our team. Here we try to transform everything and turn your imagination in to reality. Here your dreams actually get real face.

Why choose PixelArch Design?

Experience. Commitment. Passion.

We are living in technological era where we can foresee things alive before they can be built into reality. 3D architectural modeling is the next step in the virtual world where we can plan and design our architectural models in 3 dimensional designs. At PixelArch, Our highly experienced and astute team members put their endeavor to meet the requirements of our clients. Our massive clientele includes interior designers, architecture, builders and product designers. At PixelArch, we strive hard to convert your imagination into various 3D models so that you can visualize your projects precisely.

It gives you plenty of exposure to show your project to the prospective clients to get their feedback on your projects before finalizing it.
To get the best detailing of the building and locate the expected flaws that you cannot determine without having 3D architectural models of your design.
It removes any kind of uncertainty associated with the project as you proactively provide 3D rendering to the clients for approval.

Our professional architects and designers are highly trained in using a variety of programs and software for 3D modeling, including the following:
AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Revit Sketchup

Our team has been assembled through rigorous testing and background checks to ensure that we’ve composed a team of high quality skills. The professional architects and drafters of PixelArch are experienced in 3D modeling. We only use the latest technology to execute precise 3D modeling, such as AutoCAD and 3DS Max. We treat every project as unique, adhering to client preferences very closely to meet or exceed client satisfaction.
Certified professional working on all 3D modeling
Latest 3D modeling technology utilized
High resolution quality and sharpness of 3D models

The PixelArchPro team utilizes latest CAD software to create the interior and exterior details of your project, converting it into a walkthrough perfect for marketing or presentations.


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